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Fairy Maiden

10 May 1983
My journal is all about life! What do we do in life? We eat, sleep, shop, work etc. And my favourite past time is eating and shopping. I can shop almost 24 hours a day, including online shopping. I indulge myself in shopping sprees and more shopping sprees. It's highly addictive and could burn a hole in your pocket no matter how cheap the things are compared to outside.

And Food is my best friend. I can take more than 4 meals a day though I am relatively skinny. I am picky about food so do take note of the some food recommendations I have in my blog. May come in handy for ya!

Additional interest of mine is anything to do with children. This concerns my job so of course very closely related to me. I love browsing through childrens' storybooks, toys and educational materials. And sometimes I am forced to also find out more about Duel Masters, DOTA, Maple Story etc. just for the rascals I see everyday.

In my free time, I will blog and upload any photos I have taken. And of course, my jewellery making. Have started since 2005 but sort of tone down a little due to lack of time. I really enjoy jewellery making - it's really a kind of releasing your creativity. I think I have spent more than $500 buying the beads and materials since 2005. But this amount is considered a small sum compared to other people.
making jewellery and children!!!!, shopping