Ordering, Postage and Handling

How to order?

Simply make a comment on the item post in the following format

Code Number:
Item Name:
Your Email:

After which, we will email you the bank account number for you to make payment. 

Alternatively, you can also pm us your order. We'll get back to you within 2 working days. :)

Postage within Singapore

- Flat handling fee: SGD 0.50 to the total order.
- Payment via local bank transfer (POSB, OCBC or UOB)

Lace Top Socks and See Through Socks
- 1-2 pairs: SGD 0.80
- 3-5 pairs: SGD 1.00

Tights and Stockings
- 1 pair: SGD 0.80
- 2-4 pairs: SGD 1.00

Combined local postage available if both socks and tights are purchased. We'll adjust the postage according to the weight.

Top up 2.20 SGD for registered postage. 

International shipping

- Normal international shipping is INCLUDED in the price of all the products stated in USD.
- Normal International shipping does not include tracking. Top up 2 USD for tracking
- Flat handling fee: 1 USD to the total order.
- Payment via paypal only.
- PM us your paypal address and we will send you an invoice.

Tutuanna Style Japanese Lace Top Ankle Socks

Lace Top Ankle Socks 

7.90 SGD per pair (Singapore Buyers)

8.90 USD per pair (International Buyers)
(USD price includes international normal postage!)

Match your favourite pumps, mary janes, flats, loafers and boots with these Japanese Style lace top socks! Great for summer weather or to spice up a vintage outfit! 

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